• FORMED: 2014
  • MEMBERS: Sgt. Reginald J. Sawyer/voc, Magnus Söderman/lead guitar, J.B/bass, Petri Kuusisto/lead guitar, Richard "Ricky" Evensand/drums
  • STYLE OF MUSIC: Thrash metal under the Bay Area influence
  • RELEASES: "Rise" (Single/Video 2017). "REIGNSAW" (CD/Vinyl 2017). "Reignsaw, Vol I, A soldier's weapon of choice" (Book 2017)
  • HIGHLIGHTS: Coming soon


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A few years back producer J. Bergman wrote a few songs in the classic style of Bay Area Thrash MetalPlans was to record a solo album along side with his main band Man.Machine.Industry but under another name. Then, all of a sudden, MMI got signed to GMR Music and the project was put aside for a few years.

In 2014 it was time to wake this thrash metal monster of a project back from the dead, but this time to thrash away with a full line up. Through the years J.B crossed paths with some great musicians and asked some of them to join. Magnus Söderman (lead guitar) (also in NIGHTRAGE) and J.B played together already in 1994-1997 in ROSICRUCIAN (Black Mark Rec) and SLAPDASH (Nuclear Blast Rec). Petri Kuusisto (lead guitar), also in CARNAL FORGE / SOUR SYSTEM, and J.B have known each other for years and have for a long time wanted to create music together. Drummer Richard Evensand, ex. Soilwork, Chimaira came recommended by Petri and was thrilled to take the position behind the kit. Instead of taking on the vocal part for this project J.B decided to strap on the bass guitarThis to make sure that the sound of the band would not be confused with his solo project Man.Machine.Industry.

All four musicians decided that this project was to have a nuanced and dynamic vocal partThe inspiration in their songs came from old-school thrash bands such as Metallica, Testament, Forbidden where the vocals was not all about growling or screaming on a full album/concert. Variation between melody and aggression was essential.

J.B, with his Man.Machine.Industry, had shared stage with a great band a few times and it was when J.B got invited to an after party by their vocalist the idea came up… but not by J.B, but from the frontman himself. He asked if J.B had something going on that he could use his more aggressive tone of his voice for. Being a hardcore fan of bands such as Slipknot and Kreator he longed to sing a more aggressive style of music. It couldn’t be more obvious that he was meant to be the vocalist in this new band.

Writing sessions, mostly involving J.B, Petri, Magnus, came together writing six new songs to complete the full length album was made. J.B and, now front man, "sgt Reginald Sawyer" started to brainstorm ideas for a band name, image and lyrical theme.

The name they all fell for was R E I G N S A WAnd there is much, much, more to the name than just a band name.

The band signed to GMR Music in 2017 and released their debut album world wide on CD, Vinyl and download.

What differs this eminent concept album is that there is a BOOK to go with the album giving you the backstory for the album lyrics. Nine songs to go with nine chapters. Reignsaw grew to be more than "just a band". It grew to be a conceptual project where you can follow Sgt Reginald J. Sawyer on his violent journey through life, torture and death.

“With your sacrifice we come one step closer to peace…with you going piece by piece” // sgt. R.J Sawyer

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