• FORMED: 2018 as "fun project to jam out with"
  • MEMBERS: Kennet (guit/lead voc) David (bass) Berget (drums)
  • STYLE OF MUSIC: Southern/Boogie/Classic-rock (tribute/cover)
  • RELEASES: Demo – 2018
  • HIGHLIGHTS: Having fun… always

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is a tribute band to the sounds of Sothern/Boogie/Classic Rock.
The band exist for the sole purpose of having fun by playing music they enjoy for the love of it all.

It all started summer of 2017 when three old friends decided to jam out some, just for fun. Kenneth (guitar/voc) and Berget had played together already as teenagers in the mid 80s but drifted apart musically in the early 90s. As teenager they joked around and said, "When we get old we're going to play covers with stuff like Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath at the elderly home" (true story, they did say that), and look and behold, here they are, once again. Playing together after thirty somewhat years. No gigs at the elderly home (so far) though. But just for the hell of it, they aim to play some shows when they got some spare time.

Joining the two on stage they have another old friend from their past, David Ottosson, on bass. David left the serious business of music a long time ago but the three remained great friends and what is better than to jam out with some good friends? Not much.

To get some shows booked the band recorded a couple of demos and videos in their rehearsal space, all made "not too seriously and just for fun".

The band focus on keeping their setlist old and groovy. Only music from the 60s and 70s is alowed. The setlist not just filed with classics, but also some great forgotten jewles. Check out their SPOTIFY playlist at the link below.

If you are interested in booking BLUE MUD RIDERS for your party, e-mail KMP to get some info on how to get the dirty deal done!


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LED ZEPPELIN – Good times. Bad times

DEEP PURPLE – Black night

GOLDEN EARING – Radar love

THIN LIZZY – Dancing in the moonlight

THE ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND – Black hearted woman

BLACK SABBATH – Fairies wear boots

MOTÖRHEAD – Damaged case

STEPENWOLF – Born to be wilde

AC/DC – Go Down

GRAND FUNK RAILROAD – We’re an American band

THE GUN / GIRLSCHOOL – Race with the Devil

STATUS QUO – Rain – Roll over lay down – Paper plane

PAT TRAVERS – Boom Boom – Rock’n’roll Susie

TED NUGENT – Cat scratch fever

FOGHAT – I just wanna make love to you

ZZ TOP – Whiskey’n mama – Cheap sunglasses

MOLLY HATCHET – Flirtin’ with disaster

BLACKFOOT – Train train

GEORGE THOROGOOD – I drink alone – Who do you love

RORY GALLAGHER – Bad penny – Laundromat

JUDAS PRIEST – Rackarolla

And many many more