• FORMED: 2014 as a studio project
  • MEMBERS: Jens Westin & J. Bergman – producers, songwriters, musicians
  • STYLE OF MUSIC: Heavy Metal
  • RELEASES: Writing session of debut album 2017-2018
  • HIGHLIGHTS: Coming soon

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"It all started in 2012 when I asked Jens Westin (CORRODED) if he wanted to make a guest performance on the Man.Machine.Industry album ”Lean Back Relax…” singing the cover song ”Eighties” and also appear in the video for it. I asked Jens because I really love his soulful hard rock voice and thought that it would fit this song much better than mine would.

I immediately liked Jens as a person and his positive attitude and great sence of humor.

A few years earlier I had tried to form a side project to my main band Man.Machine.Industry together with some close friends of mine. I wrote about four/five songs for it but then MMI took off and got the record deal with GMR and started to play live more often the project fell apart. But the dream of making something real cool of this project never left my thoughts.

In 2013 Jens and I had a meeting at the Metal Svenskan Festival in Örebro where he played with his main band CORRODED. There and then we decided that we where going to make some music together and we both agreed on that it should be in the old school heavy metal style and mainly as a studio project… to start with, at least.

We both grew up with bands such as Black Sabbath, Ac/Dc, Judas Priest, Saxon and so on and that is the style of heavy metal we want to create with this project. Classic heavy metal inspired by ”the Gods”.

For me it was a natural follow up to my old project and therefor the old name FILTH HOUND FOUR tangled along and I couldn't be more satisfied to be working with such a great vocalist.

The plan for this ”band” is to write a damn solid heavy album and record it with us both producing and writing it, tracking both guitars and vocals for it. It´s a studio project, but who knows… maybe we will stand on stage rocking out some day. But for now, write and record is priority one and we will not stress the process either. All will happen in due time." // J.B


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