• FORMED: 2002 by Berget (voc) and Ronnie (guitar)
  • MEMBERS: Berget (voc), Ronnie (guitar), Peter (guitar), Tedda (bass), Thomas (drums)
  • STYLE OF MUSIC: Rock with a punk attitude (lyrics in Swedish)
  • RELEASES: "Det är inte snön som faller" (cover song)  (download-single 2013). Debut album due to be released 2016.‚Äč
  • HIGHLIGHTS: Coming soon

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overskrift - audio

overskrift - audio

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paNSar started out as an idea back in 2002 by singer Berget and guitarist Ronnie. The idea was to write timeless rock with a punkish attitude and add some industrial and orchestral arrangements to the songs as well, and the lyrics should be in their native languish, Swedish. The two produced two demos and did a few shows but after a short while their two main bands (Man.Machine.Industry / Enemy Is Us) took off and paNSar was set aside for a few years. Now things are looking different and the two takes their time to get things moving again. Joining the band is original bassplayer Tedda and new found members Thomas on drums and lead guitarist Peter. The members of paNSar comes from different backgrounds of hard rock, metal, hard core and together they create a punk-rock hybrid unlike anything you´ve ever heard before. Debut album is being recorded right now and is due to be released 2016.


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