are right now taking a short, and well deserved, break after a successful European tour with - Prong - and a great festival gig at Gefle Metal Festival where they got rated a 10/10 in a live review by ROCKBLADET.
Next up for MMI is to edit and release a new video.
The next gig with the band is on nov 18th at the Rock At Sea (official) cruise with lots of cool bands.

The thrashers in Reignsaw are right now writing the last of the lyrics for their album and are soon to be tracking the last of the vocals. After that it is the mix to be done and then its time to check on a release date for this monster of an album.

have had a long break in the recording process due to unforeseen circumstances but are now, finally, in the studio again.
Drums are done and next up is guitars which are being recorded right now. We hope to keep the schedule to be releasing this album before winter is at our door.

Plans for a new TRIA album is taking form.
The members will start writing new material this winter and will, as before, incl members J. Bergman (Man.Machine.Industry), Ronnie Nyman (Nightrage, Always War), Magnus Klavborn (ex Engel, The Duskfall).

Due to that Jens Westin (CORRODED) and J.B (MMI) have had a VERY busy 2016, and will continue to be so, the writing for this project is postponed. But from what we know they still plan to write and record a heavy metal album together. And maybe, just maybe, there will be yet a songwriter involved in the process of writing and recording this album.
More on that further down the road.

Also, Be sure to check out our collaboration with bands such as:
Source Of Ignition and DUMB HOLE who both have new releases out NOW!

KMP are also working on a lyric video for a well known Swedish hard rock band. Be sure to check in on our Facebook and here for more info on that later.