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“This album was all joy to write and record… well, maybe not ALL of it but close enough.
When I wrote the EP “The Cross” back in 2014 I embarked a path to nurse my love
for classic heavy metal. The kind of music I grew up and loved so much.
“BOX OF HORRORS” is a continuing of the very same path, and I really think I found what I was looking for in its sound as well as emotion, performance and melody.

I have always had some thrash metal influence in my songs but on this album I had to take a step away from that due to that I, nowadays, also play and write thrash metal for the band REIGNSAW and I did not want the two bands to sound too much alike.
So I made this album heavier and more melodic than anything I ever written before.
It still got the industrial and orchestral arrangements combined with the energyof thrash metal and the bar has been raised in sound, performance and melody without letting the essence of aggression suffer.
I think this album is without a doubt the strongest MMI creation so far.

I chose to play all instruments my self on the album because I love to play music.
People may think it is an ego trip but it´s all about my love for the creational process of it all.
From writing the songs to recording them, I just love it and I believe it shows when listening to them.
But, as always, I had some splendid guests on the album (check notes below) and
also some help from my friend and “mentor”, Erik Mårtensson (Eclipse, W.E.T)
on writing the chorus melodies on two of the songs.
When I got writers block or got “performance”-blocked I called Erik, or Anders (bass),
on the phone and he/they pushed and convinced me to embrace my “uniqueness” instead
of trying to sing, play or write like someone else.
That uniqueness is what makes MMI so special I guess. It sounds like nothing out there.
It´s like I always say; Music is freedom and freedom is mine to do what I want with.”

Produced, mixed, recorded by J. Bergman at Studio Killing Machine
Drums recorded at Studio Blowout by Erik Mårtensson
Mastered by Erik Mårtensson
All instruments performed by J. Bergman except
Bass on “Let It Burn” by Anders Sevebo
Guitar solo on “Too Close To The Sun” by Mattias“Hellcore” Johansson
Keyboards on “Box Of Horror (the life & death …)” by Anders Plassgård
Female voice on “Rise Of The Fallen” and “Let It Burn” by MalinBergman Gardskär
Piano on “Heading For Nowhere” by Karin Westerberg Kindgren
Artwork by Anders Plassgård(
Sleeve design by J. Bergman