MMI plans, Reignsaw writting, Pansar recording paused.


are working hard to find a release date for the new album and they planing two new music videos and two lyric videos. The first video will be filmed in four weeks. So you will have to make do with their latest lyric video "Colours", taken from their 4-track EP "THE CROSS".



The bass guitar is now recorded for these thrashers and that means J.B and Sgt Sawyer himself have started writing the story line for the story of Sgt Reginald John Sawyer that surounds the theme of the album, and as soon as the nine chapters done they will start working on the lyrics for the album and record vocals. This is going to be something really special!



The Pansar recording has been draged out some due to that one of the guitarists, Ronnie Nyman, is going on a tour with his other band NIGHTRAGE, but as soon as he is back the recording process of the guitars will continue.